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We have expanded our operation in the last five years, and supply products to various retailers in the country. We have a collaborative approach to reach out clients and our associates. All our ingredients are procured from highly reputed vendors. We check all our ayurvedic ingredients and ensure proper quality checks before being used for products. As the medical fraternity in the world has been doing extreme study on ayurvedic products and alternative medicines, we also do our part of research to create products that are effective, without any side-effects and within an affordable price range.

Our Strength
...The alternative medicines for example ayurvedic medicines, Liquid Medicine, Powder Medicine have got lots of attention lately in the global sphere. We also do lots of research and studies to make sure that our products are top of the line. Our formulation is based on the latest researches, and we have an excellent professional workforce to support the endeavor. We are committed to public welfare, improvement of health of people, product quality and make products that are affordable by all. We are a quality conscious organization that means we are.

Quality Assurance

...We use various chromatographic and electrophoretic techniques to evaluate herbal medicines. Chemical fingerprints obtained from hyphenated chromatography are used to understand the quality of a particular medicine. Our researchers and quality analysts conduct several chemometric methods to estimate the fingerprints of herbal ingredients, for example, evaluation based on information theory,  

...Our production unit particularly created with detailing on machines and the process we use to create our range of products. We have a professional team of experts, which helps to create products with full guarantee on quality and safety. Our quality control unit makes it clear to evaluate products both during production stages and post-production stage on the basis on modern mechanisms.

"We are dealing in bulk order quantity."