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Healthy body is based of progress :-

  • Makes ladies and gents healthy, smart and active.
  • Cure all the type of aliments of liver and abdomen
  • Inhances the memory power
  • Makes you healthy by enhancing your body resistance.
  • Removes weakness and rejuvenales you.

For as a Tonic to whole body:-

For unhealthy body exertion by physical work mental tension, giddiness fainting and hollowness arount eyes, GROWEL Capsule is a valuable gift.

In females : many types of gynecological diseases will be cured such as disorder of menses, leukamia, joint pain irritation ect.

Increasing weight of the body :

The role of whole digestion power in humar body is very beneficial it increases the digestive power and regulates the total blood circulation as easily order and makes the body healthy.

For liver and stomach : Congestion of liver, metabolism constipation and de-arrangement of digestise organs will be functionableable.

For Mental healthy: Growel is very valuable medicine for the Students who spend hours on the study and get tiredness pain in eyes, loss of memory and headache.

Dosage:- One capsule thrice a day as achvies by physician.

Precautin : Stop taking the medicine in case of allergy and Consult you doctor.